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Appareillage - Disjoncteur anglais

Dear patient, we just put a retainer. This's what can happen to you :

  • You gonna have some difficulty to swellow and to talk (some small pain and a little discomfort are always normally) and this for eight days.
  • Your upper teeth may deviate up to 6 or 7 mm this is entierly normal do. They'll tighten at the end of the activations.

If you're bothered any longer, if you can't insert the key or if the retainer is not sticking anymore, call us like that we can reassure you or we can give you another appointement to check.

You can take a small painkiller, the one you take usually, half an hour before meals and before every new activation to avoid some inconvenience.

Appointements are spaced 6 to 8 weeks.




chocolate, ice cream, cakes.



Candy, lollipops, carambars, nougats, hazelnuts, pistachios, cereal bar, generally all hard and sticky foods.


Never insert an instrument other than the key that you received with the retainer.

And as always, brush your teeth after every meal, it will avoid small reactions. It's always possible to have a toothbrush with you and brush your teeth for lunch, even without toothpaste .

Do not forget that we carry only the retainer control of your child, we do not look if there is any carries. An appointement with the dentist to do the check up regularly is recommended.

Article rédigé par le praticien le 14/03/2016